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Going on a Short Term Missions Trip?

We are available for your short term mission resource and training needs.  Let us know the free literature you might need.  Click here to go to our resource page and call for the newest tracts/books available.

Plus, we have multiple staff with short term experience who are happy to answer any questions you may have either by phone or online.

Here are brief descriptions of who we are:

Bob Michelle Fred Sheila Cyndi
Bob Hunt is the Director of Missions Press.  Bob has led dozens of short-term teams around the world and established a short-term training school in the local church. Michelle Buck is an Assistant Director at Missions Press.  She has led short-term teams, including Children’s Gospel Box training.  She is a graduate of LIFE Pacific. Fred Horner is a former missionary and FMI Coordinator to Asia.  Fred’s efforts in several Children’s Gospel Box training in the Philippines and Vietnam led to great fruit. Sheila Ransford is the Latin American Coordinator for FMP and a former missionary to Chile.  Her recent C-G Box training in Honduras ministered to hundreds of children’s workers. Cyndi Pollard is an Assistant Director of Missions Press.  A former school principal, she understands how to appeal to children, and often speaks to churches and women’s groups about the ministry of the Press.

WANT to Reach Kids Cross culturally?

Our Children’s Gospel Box program is perfect for short term outreaches overseas.  Call us now to coordinate a future trip.  Michelle Buck (714-693-2027) has experience leading C-G Box teams and can walk you through the process.

Go to our section on the C-G Box (click here) and view our videos on the C-G Box (click here.)

Bless you as you reach the world for Him!