How to pray for us?

Thank you for praying for the ministry of Foursquare Missions Press. Here is our most recent requests:


June 14, 2017

  • FMP’s CG Box Sri Lanka-trip has landed and is in full-effect, as CG Box team of Cheyne M. Jackson, Joy Samuelson McInnis and Jennifer Thigpenn, have launched CG Box, training children workers overseas, giving them resources to effectively share the Gospel. Please continue to pray for this team!

June 12, 2017

  • Today, June 12, we have 20 Balikbayan Boxes being picked up to be shipped to eight different locations in the Philippines. The boxes are filled with discipleship and evangelism materials, as well as CG Box materials. These materials include the Cebuano, Tagalog, and English languages. Please pray that all of the materials arrive in the Philippines safely and reach their destinations.

June 9, 2017

  • Please be praying for a team headed to Sri Lanka for the very first CG Box training tomorrow until next week.

April 21, 2017

  • Shipments to Ghana, Burundi, Africa
  • Mobile Mission Press’s to Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Also pray for the other 7 MMPs
  • African Book Project

Please pray for this material that we will ship soon to:

  • Honduras
  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • Costa Rica (500,000 tracts)
  • Trinidad y Tobago.

We will send a total of 8 pallets.

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