Reigniting a Passion for God’s Word in Every Generation

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A tour of the Press from the Director

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Dear friend of the Press,

Can you imagine our nation, young and old, rich and poor, returning to the Scriptures?

Our nation, all nations are in critical need of returning to God’s Word.

The only words that can bring hope, peace, and most importantly, salvation to this troubled world come from the Bible.

Our vision statement at Foursquare Missions Press: Reigniting a passion for God’s Word in every generation.

Here are three direct and tangible ways the Press, with your help, will get God’s life changing message to millions.

Five million, to be exact, in the next 14 months.

We are placing three more Mobile Missions Presses into strategic nations (making 11 total MMPs).

We want to purchase a large digital press and perfect binder to compliment our existing web and offset presses. This press will specialize in making large books and even Bibles.

Total needed now to make this happen: $225,000

We are shipping 1,000 Children’s Gospel Boxes over the next 12 months to 15 nations. Each Box has enough materials to reach 150 kids and resources 2 leaders.

We are re-launching our ONE8 ministry that will connect thousands of youth to global needs in nations like Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Nepal, and Thailand.

Total needed now to make this a reality: $175,000

I can’t imagine anything the enemy hates more than to see God’s Word win souls and strengthen believers.

That’s why, at the Press, we know we’re in a battle and we must pray. Whether you come down and pray at our Prayer Wall or intercede from your home – please pray for the Word to go forward and reach into open hearts.

Total needed now to pray: 1,000 intercessors

It’s that simple . . . we must get the Word out.

Personally, I believe the time is short and the signs are becoming clear.

Your support, whether in prayer, giving, and even going (we have some opportunities) has never been more timely or needed.

Will you join us?

Dozens of nations, thousands of leaders, and millions of people are counting on us. And we are counting on you.

Thank you and God bless you.

Until All Know,
Bob Hunt
FMP – Director

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