1000 Leaders Meeting in Congo

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A key strategy to spread the gospel in Africa is to train and resource local leaders. Although large evangelistic rallies still play a part, healthy churches are the highest priority. To that end, FMP, working ... Read More

Passing Out Books in PNG

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Steve Highlander, Foursquare Missionary in Papua New Guinea, recently shared this on Facebook... Passing out free books to pastors. I printed these last week on the Foursquare Missions Press Mobile Printing equipment. The pastors got four ... Read More

Malawi Materials

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Malawi, Africa is considered the second poorest nation in all the world. FMP is working with our Foursquare family and great organizations like Water Wells for Africa. Printed materials are highly coveted in this and ... Read More

Congo for Christ

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Recently, FMP’s shipment to the Congo arrived safely and the materials were distributed at a leadership conference attended by Dr. Dan Lucero and Dr. Leslie Keegel. Most of these materials are books like Foundations of ... Read More

Closed to the Gospel: What We Are Doing

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closed to the gospel
FMP is committed to getting the gospel into nations that have either outlawed or make getting the gospel into the country extremely difficult. In some nations a person can be arrested and imprisoned for simply ... Read More

God Bless the Widow

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Portions from a recent letter: “I am a widow on a fixed income and will be 95 years old. When your letter came I thought, ‘I just sent an offering,’ and couldn’t do it again. … Read More

Pastor Joseph Michieka-Video

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Pastor Joseph Michieka
Well this is Joseph (Michieka) again from Kenya. I want to say, that I am so blessed and excited to be here. (Foursquare Missions Press) is where we have been receiving materials for our Sunday ... Read More

The Africa Book Project

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Africa Book Project
<< Previous12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations Project #12Sponsor a Box of New Theology/Doctrine Books and Bibles. One Box: $150Make a contribution The “Lost Continent” is Being Found The African Book Project - Project ... Read More